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Keyword Analysis

SEO keyword analysis is the underpinning of any successful optimization program. Top Quality Ranking places a high priority on assessing a website’s current keywords, keyword density and usage. This is then compared to the analysis of competitive keywords done earlier and all the data is handed over to a qualifiedSEO copywriter.
Our SEO copywriter then sets about to rewrite or edit the existing copy to ensure that the proper keywords (previously identified) are placed both appropriately and in the right density in the website’s text. In each and every case, text relevancy to visitors is preserved or even improved since keyword usage, keyword density and relevancy are all vital to search engine ranking robots. Perhaps equally important, relevancy is vital to keeping visitors on a client’s website and motivating him or her to take further action toward becoming a customer.
How keywords are evaluated
Any keyword is a likely search term. Nevertheless, we have no way of knowing which terms a searcher will plug into a browser to find the appropriate websites. The answer is to search under all the suspected search words and phrases and find out just how many ‘hits’ (usages) there are on each. A typical example appears below:
Search Term: Charities (Only Page 1 out of 4 Shown Here)
3,985 searches (top 100 only)
Searches Keyword
3,985 total searches
552 charities
476 charities take used furniture
317 catholic charities
206 charities of princess diana
189 best charities
178 charities rated
111 new jersey charities
109 kiribati charities
72 list charities
60 charities administrative expenses
60 charities to donate furniture
57 check out charities
57 top 100 charities
53 national charities
51 hanover local charities
46 childrens charities
46 uk charities
41 furniture recycling charities
37 charities furniture donations household
34 catholic charities paterson
31 celebrity charities
30 charities that princess diana was involved in
NOTE: All search terms on subsequent pages had 24 hits or less out of nearly 4,000 measured.
Keep in mind that in the above example, the search term “charities” was the most popular. A browser searching for a specific type of charitable website could employ numerous keywords and phrases for the search. Each would show a listing like the above but in varying numbers of terms and hits. Keyword analysis and selection are critically important to any SEO optimization process because keywords and phrases are utilized mainly to direct qualified prospects to a website

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